A clarification about the bacteriophage species

There has been some confusion about the species of the bacteriophage genome that we are working on that needs to be clarified. The genome we were assigned was supposed to belong to a Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) p7 bacteriophage. This made me believe that this phage was a bacteriophage P7, which is a myoviridae.

When BLASTing the genome that was assembled against the NCBI database the results showed that the Phage vB_EcoP_SU10 (SU10) had the closets identity (90%) with our assigned phage genome. The SU10 is closely related to podoviridae (according to professor Nilsson). Also PhageTerm classified the genome as belonging to a bacteriophage T7, which is a podoviridae. This was the source of the confusion since I believed our assigned phage genome should belong to a myoviridae, but all the analysis showed that it was closer to, or even belonged to a podoviridae.

After clarification from professor Nilsson it turns out a ETEC p7 is not the same phage as a bacteriophage P7. ETEC p7 has a distant relationship to podovirdae (according to professor Nilsson). This should explain why the softwares placed ETEC p7 in relationship with podovirdae. So it seems we are on the right track.

Next up is to try and predict coding sequences of the ETEC p7 genome with Glimmer.

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