Introduction to project

Group had a meeting with Anders Nilsson on Wednesday (28th of November) who is a researcher at Stockholm University and researches phage genomes. Some information was provided about the phages and the project.

The most important take aways were that phages are difficult to assemble and annotate because their evolution are very fast, so when a phage genome is assembled and annotated it becomes irrelevant to use as a reference for other phage genomes. For this project the genome of the phage has to be assembled de novo.

For the annotation part it is interesting to find the capsid ends and to find the terminal repeats. We were also suggested to look for promoters, ORFs, ribosome binding sites, structural genes and start and terminal regions.

The genome of the phage of this project belongs to a phage that infects E. coli and the genome of the phage if 45-80 kbs long.

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